Monday, 12 December 2011


Hi, my name's Roxton and I'm a first-time indie games developer. Or rather, I'd like to be. In the same way that you can't really call yourself a writer until you have written (Coleridge, I'm looking at you), I don't think that you can really call yourself a games dev until you've shipped your first title.

I don't even know if "developer" is the right word; it's a one-man team, so there aren't really distinctions between level designer/coding/writing and so on. Anyway, I'll be using this site to post various thoughts, ideas and updates related to games and game development. Possibly other stuff as well, but I don't want it to get too unfocused.

Finally, a few words about the game itself. As it stands, it's a 2D, top-down action-RPG-thing with the combat mechanics revolving around spell-casting. Multiplayer, both co-op and competitive is planned to be a key aspect.


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