Friday, 24 May 2013

Speech Recognition Macros 2: The Uploadening

So over a year ago I uploaded a video demonstrating some macros I had written using the Windows Speech Recognition setup. Quite a few people have asked for the files, and my plan was originally to upload them once I'd finished polishing them. However, then my hard-drive died and I lost them all because apparently I'm too stupid to do proper backups. It's only now, with a double library paper unstarted with its deadline 5 days away, that I'm desperately procrastinating enough to start from scratch.

So, here are the files.


There are a few caveats that you really ought to read.

  • These are not complete: some of the functionality shown in the video (though far from all of it) is missing because it required more complex code that I couldn't work out.
    • Case in point: I spent ages trying to remember how I'd made the paragraph selection work; it's not there except for some failed code.
  • Instructions on how to install the files and what the commands mean can be found here.
    • You're going to have to resign the macros for security purposes. Instructions on how can be found on the website linked above.
  • Open the macros using notepad or whatever your favourite text editor is and have a look at the files. If you see Click coordinates anywhere then you're going to have to change those to fit your screen (they were taken on an old 1024 monitor). I would do something cleverer but I just don't have the time right now, sorry. You can find your mouse coordinates using free software such as PointPos.
  • When I first wrote the macros I hadn't thought about it, but it occurs to me now that you could get much greater functionality by using something like AutoIt, compile the script it produces to a .exe and then call that using the WSR macros.
  • PLEASE DO READ THE FILES. These were written very quickly and while I have tested them on my machine you are going to have to work on them yourself. The code is pretty self-explanatory.
Maybe, when I finally get some free time again, I can sit down and write these out properly.